Personal fitness trainer in Newcastle

The Gunners Den – train hard, fight hard

In any sport you have to train hard to win. MMA combines all of the best elements of combat sports – speed, agility, power and controlled aggression. Achieve all this and get the most from your sport by working with our expert personal fitness trainer at The Gunners Den.

This purpose-built MMA and fitness studio in Newcastle is run by Professional British Combat Association instructor Paul Colesby. Working with a personal trainer in Newcastle could mean the difference between achieving your maximum potential in the octagon and failure. Paul’s extensive expertise in MMA and instructor training makes him the ideal one to one training expert - encouraging, supporting and developing fighting prowess in all his students. With his help, you can train hard and fight hard.

If you’ve been looking for a fitness trainer in Newcastle who will push you to new heights of excellence, fitness and stamina, talk to us now. The Gunners Den is committed to delivering the best in MMA and fitness training, and our personal trainer is one of the most experienced and accomplished trainers in the country. Browse our website or call us now for more details to book your first session with a top quality MMA fitness trainer.

All disciplines are covered from Jiu Jitsu, ground and pound, stand up techniques striking, kick boxing, muay thai and grappling. You can choose to get up to speed on any one area or train in any combination of disciplines of MMA that you choose, training at The Gunners Den is personalised to your own specific goals and targets.